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Sanpeng was stock listed in Shanghai on 25th of August 2014

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Hand in hand with Top 500 of the world to forge a modern enterprise for manufacturing parts and components for automotive industry

Visits: Date:2015/11/28 9:56:44 Author:


   Sanpeng started to manufacture moulds only at the beginning of  last century, and now we are able to manufacture accessories, components and parts in large quantity for cars and high duty trucks. Why is it possible for Sanpeng to have developed so quickly? Only because the management of the Sanpeng conduct continuously the technical innovation ,up grade manufacturing equipment and process with foresight eyes as well as obtained customers recognition. Recently, Sanpeng has formally become a strategic supplier of ZF Friedrichshfen AG, Germany, one of the top 500 companies of the world which has set up a solid foundation for Sanpeng to enter into world market.

     On 13th of November 2015, Mr. Claus Umnus,Vice President of Powertrain Technology Head of Pass.Car Cluch System,of ZF , Mr. Zhang Nong, General Manager of Powertrain System Shanghai and Mr. Ye Fei, SQE Supervisor visited Sanpeng, and discussed in detail about cooperation for manufacturing double mass flywheel at Sanpeng. Double mass flywheel has been applied to automotive powertrain system since later in 80th century which can effectively isolate the vibration from engine crank so as the engine performance will be much improved. In the year of 2010, Sanpeng up grated its equipment and carried out technical renovation, completed alone the R&D for this part and manufactured successfully the part which also verified our manufacturing technology, capability,product quality and performance per the requirement and satisfaction of ZF, Thus Sanpeng has become a sole supplier of this product for this company in China.
      ZF is the co-partner and products supplier for automotive industry in the world. In the last few years, ZF developed Chinese market very fast and established partnership.. To meet the requirement of ZF for manufacturing a series of double mass flywheel auxiliary products, Sanpeng will send a group of engineers to the headquarter to ZF for training course while expanding its facilities and setting up automatic production lines in new plant. It is estimated that one million sets of double mass flywheel will be produced yearly and the sales revenue will reach to 200 million RMB after completion of this project.

     Mr. Zhang Nong, General Manager, Powertrain System Shanghai,ZF also mentioned that the business development of ZF will be boosted very fast in China. The sales revenue of double mass flywheel will reach to one million sets in China in coming years. To materialize such goal, ZF would like to cooperate with a company like Sanpeng in deep way so that quality products will be delivered to ZF. ZF not only wish Sanpeng to deliver parts on time, but also wish Sanpeng to up grate its technology level as a whole

      Mr. Li Songbo, Director of Board said that once the automatic production lines are handed over for production, two robots will be controlled by one operator, while one robot will control 4 machines. Thus, the manpower will be largely reduced, manufacturing process will be highly improved, and product quality and on time delivery of products will be assured.

     After having been a strategic supplier of ZF, Sanpeng will enter into world market with the technical guidance and support from ZF experts.

     Sanpeng will never stop to seek opportunity for entering into international market. Currently, Sanpeng and Toyota are conducting technical discussion about cooperation for new energy automotive car . Additionally, car seat project is also under discussion with Toyota Textile.

     Direction of Future Development of Sanpeng is to Reinforce R & D for new energy car products to save energy, reduce emission standard and build a modern automotive product manufacturing company per rules and regulations of Chinese government.